Thursday, January 19th, 2017

Our Services and Fees

The following is a list of fees and brief descriptions of our services (for direct inquiries:

1. Counseling and Health Advising services.

Energy of Mind counseling and health advising is both for people that are suffering from some particular physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual difficulty and for those who want to refine and enhance their current quality of life in any or all of these categories.

Please note that Michael Boyle (and Energy of Mind) is not a licensed marriage and family therapist (MFT), licensed professional counselor (LPCC) or licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) . The services he provides are effective in cultivating natural wisdom for health and happiness but do not include clinical therapeutic diagnoses or treatments.

Sessions are either in person or on Skype.

In person sessions are conducted in the East Bay Area, California with offices in Berkeley and Oakland. Contact me for office locations and available times.

Sessions are 85$ and usually last about an hour.

* These services optimize laws of nature about how to create new patterns and habits of momentum that can effectively generate a new, more desirable experience of life. We have all started new health regimes with gusto only to fall back into the same old ruts within due time. This is because we haven’t generated enough frequency, intensity and duration of our new habits in order to overcome the principle of momentum of our past conditioning and habits. These services are not intended to keep you “in therapy” for a long time, but are designed to have you educated and empowered with practical tools to be your own counselor and health advisor.

Skype services can be rendered anonymously by contacting us via an alien email address and conducting Skype sessions without video.

Please contact us to schedule an appointment.

* Cancellations made with more than 72 hours advanced notice will be refunded 50% (minus Paypal fees). Cancellations with less than 72 hours notice will not be refunded. I will wait for 15 minutes after the scheduled start time before considering the appointment missed unless you notify me that you will be late. Thanks.

Based on clients’ interests and needs these sessions may include any/all of the following:

  • A detailed intake questionnaire
  • Skype, email, or in person sessions
  • “View” teachings, as they apply to the clients’ life situation
  • 5 element assessment and teachings (click here to read more about the 5 Element View)
  • Six Realms View teachings and yoga practice – read more here.
  • Yoga instruction, specifically tailored to clients’ particular needs
  • Meditation instruction, specifically tailored to clients’ particular needs
  • Ayurvedic lifestyle suggestions, specifically tailored to clients’ particular needs
  • Specific instructions for breathing practices
  • Specific dietary instructions
  • Specific exercise instructions
  • Non-denominational spiritual exercises that are pertinent to the client’s situation
  • Guided relaxation instructions and theory (yoga nidra)
  • Reading suggestions
  • All pertinent instructions in written and/or video form, as necessary

* Payments for Skype sessions will be conducted via Paypal

* Payments for in person sessions can be made by cash or check

2.  Radiant Health and Happiness Home Series – 699USD

  • This is an 8 week comprehensive and complete course of home study, in person or at home through Skype. All material learned will be made relevant to your actual life situation through one-on-one teaching.  Read about details here.
  • This same course, detailed above in context of the “5 Elements” model, is also available via a similar structure but with the Six Realms as the main content.

Contact us with specific questions or comments: