Tuesday, June 30th, 2015

What is Sauhu?

What is Sauhu?

Sauhu (Sow-hoo) – The Science of Self-Possession – is a potent system of Tantrik therapy for healing the heart-mind. For 6,000 years yogic masters of the body-mind complex have refined and synthesized technologies for liberating individuals from their experience of suffering, unleashing an unbridled experience of ultimate human health and happiness.

Due to the growing need for emotional, mental and physical health in our modern age Sauhu’s founder Dharma Bodhi has spent his life researching, studying, experimenting with and practicing the views and methods passed down by the most adept yogic masters from all around the world. The culmination of this extensive scientific research – including over 40 years of practice and working with clients – is Sauhu.

Often associated with “psychology” for understandable reasons, Sauhu is actually far more comprehensive in its approach and effect, standing apart as a radical new paradigm of psycho-spiritual work.

Sauhu is a principle-based, non-denominational body of teachings, complete with View (philosophy), Methods, and Fruits. In addition to assisting individuals and groups of clients in their path of healing and self-discovery, Sauhu is also a school that maintains the highest standards of authenticity for training clinicians who are interested in implementing these principles in their private practices.

Though the following is NOT an exhaustive list, below are a few of the qualities and principles of the Sauhu system:

  • It is based on an Ultimate Standard: that we are all born “divine” and inherently good and a Prime Directive: that we are all, in our own unique ways, on a trajectory towards the experiential realization of this truth.
  • It is an ancient science, meaning it employs an appropriate combination of technology and intuitive art
  • It includes Relative Standards that enable us to “work where we are at” on this trajectory towards the Absolute
  • It is NOT “cure” based and NOT about “fixing”, but rather it is about actualizing each person’s full human capacity
  • It utilizes a combination of insight plus action – emphasizing action – equaling an experiential result
  • It is body-based (though not at the exclusion of mind/energy/emotion)
  • It aims to create a potent environment of awakening-potential
  • It is a-moral, based on compassion that is NOT moralistic, but relevant and appropriate
  • It is an extremely active path that is client-engaged – the client gets out what they put in
  • It includes and encourages the FULL spectrum of health and happiness (including states of being that are necessarily beyond the functional ego and its inherent limitations)
  • The process is non-linear, unique to each person’s particular situation, trajectory and capacities
  • One of our slogans: “We rise upon the ground on which we once stumbled”
  • Not opposed to modern science and makes use of new insights from the most current advances in health and social science
  • Non-theoretical, “real” vs. “conceptual”, time-tested, lineage based

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