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Dear Moms

May 8, 2011 by  

A great big thanks to all of you mamas who, like my wife today, are willing to pick the constipated crap out of their kids’ asses with their bare hands because it was hurting their kids baby-butthole on the way out. I was willing to say to myself, “Life’s tough, kid, you got to work it out.” But, you mamas have boundless compassion.

Thank you to my mother for putting up with all the pains in my ass which made me be a big pain in hers. I love you Mom.

And, to my incredible wife on your first mothers day: you are the best mom in the universe and my boy is damn lucky to have you as his go-to-gal. And, also, to my mother in law: thank-you for raising such an incredible daughter (and for nudging her in my direction!).

And, to the Big-Mama whose Essence nourishes one and all… oh, how the world would be wonderfully different if more of its two-legged inhabitants recognized your wisdom as supreme.

Thank you all for bearing the suffering of the world with hearts that know how to yield and minds that are most naturally open. May all beings know the grace of some good mother-love.


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