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Adhering to Natural Wisdom: A Yogi Gone “Right”, Again!

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Mahasissda Macchandanatha watches over monthly new-moon "vow" ceremonies at Kailash Akhara, home of Adi-Yoga and Sauhu

Energy of Mind: A Sauhu Therapy


This is the 1st in a series of blogs that will demonstrate the live-process of “recovering” from a two month stint of intentionally performing “Crimes Against Wisdom.” The former “Crimes” series detailed the absurdity of my experience of daily, moment-to-moment, purposefully ignoring 10 years of training in yoga, meditation, ayurveda, and psychology. This blog series can be laughed at, here. You can sign on for the RSS feed of this current series, here, by choosing the appropriate link in the upper-right corner of the page. And, please feel free to “like” what we have to share on Facebook, here and follow us on Twitter, here. Thanks.

Aligning Ourselves with Cycles of Nature


Today is the new-moon. One moon cycle ago I began the cessation of my intentional crimes against wisdom, and “righted” myself by re-committing to a path of natural wisdom.

First, let’s be clear that saying “right” is my way of being a bit cheeky. Nondual Shaivist Tantra (NST) – the root of Sauhu – is not concerned with moral rights and wrongs. What is “right” is what is appropriate. What is appropriate is in regards to the principle, “for whom and when” and takes into consideration many factors including proclivities, desires, capacities, state of repletion/depletion, time, location, season, environment, etc., etc.

Second, the clock and calender as we know it, while serving a useful and necessary function, is not natural. They are ideas, created by people, in order to organize our life of work and responsibilities and to give us a consensus reality of our experience of time. But, time is a figment of our imagination. In an absolute sense it is not real.

To be effective and productive in the world – which NST/Sauhu highly encourages as an expression of our Essence – requires some adherence to this idea-phenomenon we call “time.” But, we should always remember that it is not real-real and not allow digital “reality” to stress us out too much. We can recognize that we will be more cohesive, sane, happy and healthy if we organize our body, energy and mind around nature’s true-clock of cyclical rhythms.

One of the most obvious ways to get started harmonizing ourselves with real-rhythms is to be aware of the moon. The moon’s energy undoubtedly effects us. There is no need to be wishy-washy to buy this fact of existence. If the moon can sway the ocean’s tides, don’t you think it is possible that it might be able to “push and pull” us, too?

As we get to know the moon and its effect in our life we will automatically settle into a more natural rhythm. This will help to regulate our experience of body, energy and mind in profound ways that we may not even consciously understand or know about.


First things first: the new moon is when the light of the moon is least and is in the process of beginning to build into fullness. This is a good time to borrow from the energy of the moon and make a “vow” to do something for a month that will be a benefit to ourselves and others. As the moon “starts” it’s journey to fruition, so too can we.

It is pretty easy to recognize that we have a tendency to lag in our self-nourishment and in our beneficial contribution to the welfare of others/all. But, both of these factors are 100% necessary for a fulfilling life. We must take care of ourselves and cultivate our health and we must do good things for others (and avoid doing shitty/selfish things) whenever we can be aware of the deeper, long-lasting impact of our thoughts, feelings and actions. We teach our children to consider that every action they make in the world should be in the best interest of 7 generations.

To live this way, though, we must “re-up” on our commitment regularly – because it is easy to forget what really matters. The new moon’s energy is a natural time to do this. Our vows will be most effective when we make some sort of ritualized effort to announce them via prayer, ceremony, etc. And, it is important that we walk the edge of pushing ourselves to grow (which always requires some discomfort) without making goals for ourselves that are unrealistic to keep.

I think it was Nietzsche who said (paraphrase), “If we cannot obey ourselves we will surely be commanded by others.” If we wish to be masters of our own fate we must follow through on our word. It is spiritually erosive to make promises and not follow through on them.

This is all to say that last month, on the new moon, I took part in a ceremony in which I vowed to return to a life of cultivating ultimate-sanity. In doing so I made a general statement of my overall desire to work my ass off in order to have a body, mind and spirit that can truly uplift others. But I also made some specific goals, about day-to-day actions I needed to perform in the more “mundane” arena of life.

I made it real. And, I followed through. I feel good about it. I am stronger, healthier and happier for it. I am more able to contribute to the good of my community and to the greatest good of all. And, now that I have momentum building in this direction, I will re-commit today on this new moon with another fire-ceremony, a vow string tied to my wrist as a reminder, a community of people doing the same thing, heartfelt prayers to my ancestors and my teachers and prayers for peace, happiness, success and grace for all.

Moon-cycle after moon-cycle, this beneficial energy builds exponentially and it has absolutely real, tangible, demonstrable effect as good intentions more often become worthwhile actions.

Next blog I will tell you about the some of the difficulties of actually following through on my vows, because after the exalted moments of inspiration come the trenches of hard work where we actually have to grind through our selfish habits. The blogs will continue to not only make light of my tribulations, but will also offer some of the tools I have employed to get over on my apparent limitations. The hope is that these blogs will help you do the same.

Also, in a few weeks we will naturally arrive at a useful way for you to get involved with the tendency of full-moon energy. For, now, on this new-moon, maybe you’ll join me in re-committing to something that has been percolating in your heart but has not yet come into the fruition of tangible action with a desired result. Feel free to share your inspirations in the comments below – doing so will not only serve us all with your wisdom, but will help to hold you accountable to really follow through on what you decide today.

Best wishes!


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