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What Makes Energy of Mind Different?

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Authenticity.  What does this mean?  It means that the system of Energy of Mind: A Sauhu Therapy is directly in accordance with what is known as “lineage.”  In other words, the views and practices of Energy of Mind: A Sauhu Therapy come from a stream of wisdom that has been applied to people’s lives for thousands of years. Practically speaking a system like this has thus refined its methods and proven its ability to bear fruits for millennia. It is not just a good idea. It works.  Thus, an authentic lineage is one that dates back directly to the Source of all Wisdom, and springs forth from that Source constantly new and fresh to meet the needs of those who are currently suffering.

However Energy of Mind: A Sauhu Therapy is NOT a spiritual school, but rather a system that is tailored to meet the psychological and overall health needs of modern people by drawing upon and effectively applying the wisdom of ancient spiritual practice and theory.  We make mention of spiritual lineage not to claim that we are one, but rather to ensure potential clients that the base of Energy of Mind: A Sauhu Therapy comes from an authentic, proven, ancient lineage.  Our deep roots make us quite unique in the modern marketplace of yoga, holistic health, etc. But, the client of “Energy of Mind” should not be confused that taking advantage of our services means getting involved in a religious system of some sort.

The statement of our total authenticity is not to say that there are not other lines and systems that are every bit as “real” and effective.  There are.  But, in the commercial realm of modern “holistic healing” and infatuation with all things from the “East” the lineage-backed systems are few and far between.  We have neither the time nor the interest to knock any particular group, teacher, or system – but as educators we encourage you to be a savvy consumer.  Your sanity depends on it.

It has become very trendy to do the “holistic” thing.  Therefore, there are charlatans abound with eyes wide open ready to pounce on the unsuspecting.  But, more than that, there are countless seekers who are mostly sincere that have either not had the incredibly good fortune to run into a real lineage; or if they have, they may have succumbed to the temptations of advanced spiritual work and left their teachers too early in order to “do their own thing.”  One in ten million people are born with the capacity to invent something of an effective system without the catalyzing agent of a real teacher within the flow of lineage.  So, it is possible that these self-invented folks are putting out something that can truly benefit. But, it is more likely that they are doing something that looks a lot like the real thing but is actually a fiction of their ego’s imagination.

How do you know?  Good question. No answer.  You have to have sharp discrimination and at first, we recommend a bit of a skeptical eye.  When you do find something that your heart feels to be true, then you must eventually let this skepticism give way to faith and trust.  But, when searching, it’s a good idea to scrutinize.

All we can do is to implore you – for the sake of your very peace of mind – to ask a lot of questions: do you have lineage?  What was your training like?  Did you become certified in a series of weekend workshops, or commercial trainings?  If you have this spiritual bent to your work with people, have you meditated enough to taste the fruits of that what you teach, or do you just know what you know through academic, intellectual learning?  Were you given permission to teach/counsel?  If so, by whom?  Your system seems eclectic and draws from many different schools of thought; do you have the authority to teach all of these things? Have you learned them all in depth with years of experiential learning?  Why not just stick with one complete system?  Etc. (These are just some of the questions I would ask someone whom I was considering as a “spirituality-based” counselor).

In the process of this conversation hopefully you will get a good feel for what you are dealing with and then you will be more able to make a skillful decision as to whether or not to spend your time, effort, and money.  If you decide to stay, keep one eye open until you are really sure, and then, by all means, let go, let go, let go.  Doubt is the number one obstacle to real inner development.  And, one of the best ways to erase doubt is to get involved with a lineage that is proven over years, generations, millennia.  Why re-invent the wheel?

From our end we can only say (and we assume you will apply the same scrutiny to us), that Energy of Mind: A Sauhu Therapy is a complete system backed by the authority of tried and true lineage.  Eclecticism is nice, and might be helpful – but we find it more useful to stay with one, whole-istic view – complete with methods and fruits.  You do not get to water by digging a bunch of two-foot holes, but only by staying with one line and going deep.  Our clinicians are all approved and authorized to do what they are doing.  And, the client can be assured that we did not just learn this from books – we have under our belts years of meditation, yoga, health cultivation, retreat, study, etc. in addition to our academic degrees.

The Sauhu program has no set graduation date. It is no secret that there are many psychologists out there who don’t exactly practice what they preach.  Thus, the founders of Energy of Mind: A Sauhu Therapy all, while in graduate school, marveled at the ridiculous concept that the entire graduating class was suddenly “legally” able to work with the hearts, minds and spirits of their clients – just because of a piece of paper given at the end of designated period of time!  We take significant measures to ensure that the work our mentors do with clients is all within their range of experience, and it is not just coming from their intellects. Graduation from our program and the permission to work with others comes when the mentor is ready, not simply when the program happens to be “done.”


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  1. Trisha Ritchie says:

    I really appreciate what you have said here. As a current student of clinical psychology I have marveled at the well-meaning but floundering attempts of myself, peers and even teachers to bridge spirituality with psychotherapy without lineage and without proper understanding of the physical, an psycho-spiritual effects of the techniques being taught and utilized: from Aura cleansing, to cakra work to shamanism. Each of these teachings is valuable within the context of a series of authentic teachers, but without proper guidance they can be confusing, misleading- or perhaps worse: begin to open a student or client in a way that the professional is untrained to work with. A lineage is crucial, not a simple benefit to this kind of work. Looking forward to more :)

    -Trish Ritchie,

    MA candidate at California Institute of Integral Studies


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